Please be prepared and at class 15 minutes before scheduled tine. The beginning of class is very important because without proper warm up injuries can occur.
All students must be dressed, warmed up and ready to go before the start of class. Teachers are not responsible for making sure students are prepared and ready to go. Students must be in class regularly to be able to participate in shows, recitals, competitions, etc.
Teachers reserve the right to cut someone from a piece if they are often absent or do not know the dance.
Students can arrange for a makeup class that they have missed, but it will be at an additional cost. After 3 absences, a student mist sign up for a make up class. 3 tardiness is considered one absence.
Weekly attendance is vital to your child's development and plays a great role in overall performance.

Classroom Policies:
Parents and visitors are only allowed in the classroom by invitation of the instructors. Please stay in the lobby until it is your turn for class. Running into the studio while another class is in session. It is extremely distracting and will not be tolerated. No street footwear at any time on the dance floors.
Inappropriate behavior towards parents, staff, or other students will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal.
Students are required to bring a bag or carrying case with their personal belongings. Please remember to label all items as we are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen goods. Keep your belongings in your bag at all times.
No food or drink except water in either studio is allowed. At the end of your class please clean up all your garbage.

Dress Code:
No jewelry except for stud earrings may be worn at any time.

Hair must be worn up in a bun
Must have on ballet or pointe shoes depending on the class type
Must wear tights, leotards, and ballet skirts or shorts
Proper foot attire is required. No street shoes
Dance attire is tights and form fitting clothes
Footwear should be jazz sneakers/hip hop sneakers. No street shoes
Attire comfortable clothing something easy to move in

Studio Maintenance:
The studio is our home away from home and should be treated a such.

Cleanliness is of upmost importance and shall be maintained appropriately.
If you bring items to the studio please remember to clean up after yourselves. Any liquids should be dumped down the sink and thrown in the trash. Please throw all other trash items away and take anything else home with you.
Tuition is due the first of the month. After the 10th of the month there will be a $20 late fee. After

the 10th any student with a delinquent account will not be admitted to class. An email will be sent out if your account is delinquent. Tuition is non refundable and non transferable. No adjustments will be made for missed classes.
There will be a fee of $30 for any returned check. After 2 returned checks there will be a no check policy. Payments will have to be made with cash.
Annual non refundable and non transferable $30 registration fee due prior to the start of the dance season. A $30 costume fee per class will be due in October. Final costume payment will be due in December. Dates to be determined. Please be advised this is NOT half the costume payment
just a deposit to help reduce the total in December.


Zero Tolerance Policy for Dancers/Parents:
All students are expected to give 110% at all times and have a positive attitude.
No horse play! This is a dance studio not a playground.
No food or gum in the classroom.
No foul language.
No negative attitudes.
Respect all faculty, parents and dancers.
Respect all faculty decisions.
Do not gossip or place judgment on other dancers, dance studios, dance companies, faculty or parents.
Student Placement:
Students are placed in appropriate class by skill level. If it is determined that the students training and ability exceeds the instructors expectations for their age they may be placed by ability at the instructors discretion.
Conduct when traveling:
Throughout the year we will be traveling as a team to different venues for performances. It is very important that we conduct ourselves with professionalism. This is the responsibility of staff
members, students, parents, and other guests.
When out at performances please refrain from drawing attention to our team with excessive yelling outside of the appropriate times.

Other Performances:
Throughout the year we could be performing/participating in/at parades, amusement parks, school performances, car shows and many more.
Additional practices for shows or competition will be at no extra cost but will be mandatory for all students.

Holiday Show:
Annual holiday show will be held in December. All dancers are required to participate. Parents will be required to provide outfits for the holiday show. Teachers will let parents know what they will have to purchase. No formal costumes will be ordered.
Annual recital is held end of June beginning of July. In order to participate in the recital students must have proper shoes, tights and costumes as required by teachers. Students pay for dance instruction only and are not guaranteed to dance in the annual recital. Participation in the recital is based on attendance and commitment.
Withdrawal Policy:
If a student would like to withdrawal from class, Precision Studios asks that a written letter or email be submitted at least 10 days before the next billing period. If this is not received you will be billed accordingly.


Parental Expectations:
Please arrive on time.
Please be respectful of other parents, instructors and students.
Please pay tuition in a timely manner and participate in activities when required.
Please refrain from using profanity in studio or around children.
Please refrain from gossip.
Parents are responsible fro the behavior and safety of their children.
Precision Studios has the right to dismiss any parent or guardian whose behavior and/or actions
are deemed inappropriate. We reserve the right to refuse services to parents and students who
do not follow our guidelines.
All students under the age of 16 must be escorted to and from class on their scheduled days.
We are not responsible for any mishaps if this rule is not followed.
Students shouldn’t be left unattended in the lobby at anytime.
If you bring your child or nay other student to the studio it is your responsibility to make sure that they have a safe way home. It is not the staff’s responsibility to provide transportation to and/or from the studio at any time.
Parents are expected to check their emails, Facebook and the Precision Studios website regularly for updates and announcements.
Throughout the year parent participation is key to make things run smoothly.
Please sign up for the Remind APP by testing @precisions to 81010
The studio name and logo is trademarked and should not be used unless permission is given.

Canceled Classes:
There may be cancellations due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. We will try to send emails out to everyone and update our website and Facebook if this happens in a timely
manner. In the event that an instructor would have an extreme emergency a substitute will be present will no prior notices.
Parents should always feel comfortable with staff members. If any problems or concerns should occur please alert office personnel immediately.
Precision Studios has the right to turn away or dismiss any student/parents who violates the rules and regulations.
We hope that everyone has a great season and we look forward to working as a team!

-- Precision Studios Staff